Bardzo doceniamy wysiłki i podejście Anety Berent do jej pracy i gorąco ją polecamy.

First of all, i am thankful to “To be rent” agency and send special thanks to Aneta Berent. So, me and my two friends were looking for an apartment since May 2019. During this period we could not find any proper apartment that suits us, although checking internet daily. I would like to note with regret that we had problems with some agencies due to lack of attentiveness and carefulness. This process continued till we contact Aneta Berent. From the begining she treated as a professional real estate agent keeping sincerity, punctuality, accuracy in every issue related to renting an apartment and we have become clearly acquainted about every detail. On the other hand, as i mentioned before this process was solved in a very short time of period, as 30th June was the last day of staying our previous rented flat.
Now we are glad to stay in this suitable apartment, and it is very close to our workplace.
We strongly appreciate Aneta Berent’s efforts and approaches to her job and highly recommend her.
Again thank you.


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