Tenant’s rental liability (pl. OC Najemcy) is a civil liability for damages caused to third parties by the Tenant of the premises.
Simply put, it is an insurance which protects when a Tenant of a rented apartment destroys or damages property of a third party, e.g. floods a neighbor’s apartment or damages the entrance gate to the building.

In our lease agreements, the Tenant is obliged to take out a private person’s life insurance policy for at least PLN 100,000 and to maintain the insurance for the indicated amount for the entire duration of the agreement. The scope of insurance covered by the policy must include the Tenant’s civil liability for damages to the rented property.

In the scope of Tenant’s liability insurance, TO BE RENT cooperates with Aviva.

The AVIVA insurance policy for the lease agreement of an apartment in TO BE RENT includes:
1 / insurance of the Tenant’s private movable property against fire and other random events for the selected amount, including the risk of overvoltage – no quota limit,
2 / civil liability insurance in private life, operating in Poland, Europe and the Mediterranean region (description below), along with the extension of the Tenant’s civil liability insurance.
The standard cost of an insurance contract is 120 – 150 PLN / YEAR.
In addition, the Tenant receives in the price of the policy:
HOME ASSISTANCE – Covers a wide range of services organized by the Assistance Center in the case of:

– damage caused by a random event (e.g. in the event of a hydraulic failure and flooding – help from a plumber, after a power surge or a storm – help from an electrician, after heavy rain – help from a roofer). What is important – 2 times for different types of assistance in each year of the policy,
– home appliances or computer equipment failure associated with a random event,
– transport service to the place of residence in Poland, if the random situation so requires,
– property protection, – cleaning up after damage, – information services (veterinary helpline, legal helpline).

Data for issuing the policy:

– Customer’s first and last name, nationality
– Date of birth, Personal Identification Number PESEL – in absence thereof, a passport number
– Email address and telephone number of the Customer

– full address: zip code, city, street name, house and apartment number
– floor: ground floor, middle floor, last floor
– apartment square area
– approximate year of construction of the property or the last major renovation
– possible anti-burglary security system: anti-burglary door, alarm, security guard, anti-theft gratings / blinds (if the Customer is interested in theft insurance)

– Value of the Customer’s movable property – insurance against fire and other random events, including overvoltage (e.g. PLN 20,000)
– The amount of cover in the Tenant’s civil liability insurance and liability insurance (e.g. PLN 100,000)
– Is the Customer interested in insurance against theft and burglary (for what amount),
– Is the Customer interested in insurance against breakage of solid elements (e.g. ceramic hob, shower enclosure) so that such damage is not covered by the amount of the deposit.

February 2020

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