Final cleaning of the rented flat

When the lease agreement expires, you are required to return the premises to the LANDLORD clean and in a non-deteriorated condition in respect to the normal use of the premises.
By cleaning means:
– window cleaning,
– refreshing and stain removal of fabrics of upholstered furniture and floor coverings,
– washing: all furniture inside and outside, lamps, wings and door frames, sanitary fittings, household appliances, tiled walls and floors.

If the flat will be dirty, for example there will be some uncleanliness or infestation and the Landlord will provide evidence as a result you will be required to have the premises professionally cleaned.

Pls note that If you have been permitted to keep an animal on the premises you will also be required to have the premises professionally cleaned or fumigated when you move out.

If you still fail to return the flat clean the Landlord will outsource the above works to a third party and charge You with the costs of their performance.

March 2020