Registration of a foreigner for a temporary stay in a rented apartment

There is a registration requirement in Poland, which covers both Polish citizens and foreigners.
In accordance with art. 28 section 4 of the Civil Records Act, registration for permanent or temporary stay serves registration purposes only and is intended to confirm the fact of stay of the person in the place where he checked in. The mere fact of registering another person for permanent or temporary stay, as a rule, does not cause any legal consequences for the owner of the real estate.

* a foreigner who is a citizen of an EU Member State, EFTA, parties to the agreement on the European Economic Area or a citizen of the Swiss Confederation, and a family member of the abovementioned foreigner who is not a citizen of the abovementioned countries, is obliged to register in the place of temporary stay no later than on the 30th day, counting from the day of arrival to this place, but only if the duration of his temporary stay exceeds 3 months
* other foreigners are required to register in the place of temporary stay no later than on the 4th day, counting from the day of arrival at that place, unless their stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland does not exceed 30 days

For a foreigner to register in a rented flat in Poland, he must have a flat lease agreement signed with the owner of the flat. It is important that the contract agreement the Land and Mortgage Register number of the property confirming the data of the owner of the apartment. In some city hall/municipal office, in addition to the signed agreement, a written consent of the apartment owner is also required for the foreigner’s registration in his apartment or the presence of the owner in the city hall/municipal office during the foreigner’s registration.

With a signed lease agreement of an apartment and with a valid passport and visa or residence card, you should go to the city hall/municipal office competent for the location of the apartment. At the city hall/municipal office, complete the form in Polish regarding “reporting a temporary stay of over 3 months”.

After registering for a period of more than 30 days, the city hall/municipal office will automatically assign a PESEL number to the foreigner.

January 2020

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